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Electric Motorcycle : TTXGP demo bike

Published Sunday, August the 16th 2009
TTX01 built by Jozzbikes 2008.
TTX01 was built for the TTXGP team as a demo bike, and to prove that a racing motorcycle was indeed possible.

Time was very tight on this build, it had to be ready and on show in time to help get the gears rolling for the worlds first electric GP event.
The bike is built around a GSXR 750 chassis, using LifeBatt battery's in a custom pack and twin Agnimotors. Also stashed on the bike are a 650A Kelly controller, and Jozzbikes first prototype BMS system and charge controller.

It should be noted that it was an Agnimotored bike (with Kelly controllers in fact) that actually won the race, built by Agnimotor inventor Cedric Lynch and ridden hard by Rob Barber.

Thanks to Paul Blezard and Dipam Patel for the photos.

Paul Blezard riding the ThunderSprint :
Paul Blezard riding the  ThunderSprint

Azhar Hussian riding TTX01 in anger at the Isle of Man

Steve testing it out

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