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Electric bike : The KMX

Published Sunday, July the 27th 2008

* Up to 30mph with a nice brisk acceleration,
* Fun to ride and affordable,
* Cost only 0.003 pound per mile (!!)
Keen to find a small and lightweight vehicle, that was fun to ride and affordable too, we started searching for a recumbent tricycle.

Cheapest, but by no means poorest was the KMX. Using a Puma hubmotor from, and a battery pack made of A123 systems Lifepo4 cells, transforms the trike into a 4hp gocart.

Easily reaching speeds over 30mph (and that's fast when your bum is 1" off the tarmac!), the electric KMX is fantastic fun to ride, and extremely efficient. 1KW of electricity (0.10 pound daytime, or 0.06 pound economy 7) can propel it well over 30 miles.

Steve .
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